Early Childhood Research Collaborative

March 15, 2007

Early Childhood Research Collaborative

Center for Early Education and Development (CEED)
College of Education and Human Development
University of Minnesota

The Early Childhood Research Collaborative, a partnership between the University of Minnesota, the Center for Early Education and Development, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, is pleased to announce the following new resource on its website:

Selected States with Pre-K and Program Evaluations

This informational feature presents overviews of state-supported Pre-K programs in the following states, together with links to Pre-K programs within these states and evaluations of these programs.

   * Georgia
   * Illinois
   * Michigan
   * North Carolina

In addition, there is also a page that provides links to additional resources on Pre-K programs, including:

* The Minnesota Governor’s Summit on School Readiness 2006

* Program evaluations on early childhood education programs in Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey,
  and South Carolina

* National organizations that provide further information on Pre-K programs in various states as well
  as position papers and evaluation studies on Pre-K education

This resource can be accessed through the ECRC website at http://earlychildhoodrc.org/. (Click on “Resources and Links,” and then click on “Selected States with Pre-K and Program Evaluations.”)