Free telephones for disabled

Need help to spread the word…..

Please share this information with staff regarding this wonderful program that provides special telephone equipment at NO CHARGE for individuals who may have difficulty using a telephone.  Keep in mind staff can use this resource for their clients, family members, friends, neighbors or someone else they may know of who has difficulty using a standard telephone due to a hearing loss, speech or physical disability. We are the MN Department of Human Services, Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program! 

This is a statewide program that provides special amplified phones (corded and cordless), telephone ring signalers, captioned telephones, hands-free speakerphones, TTY’s, voice amplified phones, deaf blind equipment and other special telephone equipment not listed here to MN residents of all ages at NO CHARGE

Please visit the TED website at to learn how people can qualify for a no cost telephone.
The links below have the TED application in English or other languages available to download.  Also, see below the PDF file of one of our flyers you may print and post in office areas.

The applications in other languages are; Arabic, Hmong, Russian,
Somalia, Spanish, Vietnamese and soon to have Oromo.  Some of these applications are in the process of being updated with the new income guidelines since they change every year in October.  You may notice our last year’s guidelines on the foreign lang. apps.

For this year, the household (gross) income guidelines for October 1, 2006 – September 30, 2007 are:

1 person       $40,991  (income limits, at or below, are shown here for each household)
2 person       $53,604                              
3 person       $66,216                      
4 person       $78,829
This program is administered by the Dept. of Commerce – Telecommunications Access Minnesota (TAM)
and funded by a telephone surcharge.
                                                                                                Home page  
            Application in English
                            Arabic                          Hmong

Thank you very much for your time reading this!  Hope you’ll consider sharing this resource within your department!

Sharie Hawkins, Assistant Administrator
DHS-Telephone Equipment (TED) Distribution Program
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

444 Lafayette Rd. N.


St. Paul, MN

1-888-206-6555 TTY

4 Responses to Free telephones for disabled

  1. VagKedWealge says:

    Thanks for the post

  2. Peggy says:

    Is anyone able to tell me IF any agency furniches PHONES for free to dissabled people. I have the phone line already, just no phone to use.

  3. terry william sapp says:

    my roommat recieved a goverment phone it only worked for two days besides that she moved. now there is no phone at all in my h ouse i cant get a phone because it only one per adress i m diabled and have no phone what to do

  4. CAROL CARMAN says:

    Hello, I am disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis. is this program in Pennsylvania , do you know? of that or any program as such?

    Can you adise?

    Carol Carman

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