Sharon Lerner Scholarships available from MLA

One last opportunity to apply for the Sharon J. Lerner scholarship for the MLA Conference. This scholarship is a competitive scholarship but could be awarded to up to 3 recipients. Scholarship recipients would have their MLA Conference registrations paid and would be honored at the Awards banquet. The criteria for this award is as follows:

      1. Must be a current MLA member or become an MLA member if the scholarship is awarded to him/her.

      2. Successful applicants are MN library workers providing children’s or young adult services.

      3. Must have two or more years of library experience.

4. Applicants have either never attended an MLA conference or have attended an MLA conference sometime in the past, but would be unable to attend in the current year with out financial assistance.

5. Scholarship recipients agree to: attend the MLA Annual Conference, provide a newsletter article for MLA on the Annual Conference, become a member of MLA and join the Children and Young People’s Sections.

All applications must be received by October 1.
For a copy of the application, contact Heidi Hoks at  or 952-4503.

Thank you,
Heidi Hoks
MLA President


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