50 Years of Reading Free – YALSA

50 Years of Reading Free – YALSA

Banned books are nothing new but check out this wikipedia article and the list of young adult books that have most often been banned. Did you read these books as a youth?  Have they been banned for good reason?  Are kids still reading them?  An interesting article and a lot of good literature that deserves to be read.

From the article: 
“Today, censorship is broader and better organized than in other eras. Before Gutenberg and the invention of the printing press in the mid-15th century, ordinary people did not have unlimited access to the printed word, so there was more emphasis on controlling the spoken word. Once print became available and affordable, especially through newspapers, newsletters, magazines, chapbooks and broadsides, print censorship became widespread. Many different forms of censorship exist; one needs look no farther than the Patriot Act to see how insidious and entrenched censorship is in the United States. While other nations have traditionally admired and aspired to emulate the freedoms granted by the first amendment to the US Constitution, these freedoms—religion, speech, the press, and assembly—are seriously at risk in American schools, libraries, and even homes. “

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