MLA Visioning Summit, Nov 15, 2007

The Minnesota Library Association needs you – members and non-members alike! 

The Association will be holding a Visioning Summit on Thursday, November 15th from 10 am until 1 pm at the Ridgedale Library.

As you have heard, this past year has been one of great challenges for MLA, but it has also been one of great opportunities.  It has been an opportunity to get back to our member-driven roots and to regroup, reevaluate and recharge.   It is now time to start planning for the future.  Now is our opportunity …            

 To explore the challenges that libraries and library workers are facing and to explore ways that MLA might help them meet these challenges

To evolve into an association that is limber, progressive, and relevant to its members, to the library community, and to the state as a whole

To excel as an association and to help our members excel as well 

Sue Hall will be facilitating this brainstorming session, which will be an opportunity for the library community to talk about what the association is doing right, what doesn’t fit so well anymore, and what should be changed.  

Let’s think outside of the box and explore the possibilities! I hope to see you there!   If you are unable to attend, there will also be an online survey available, a Visioning blog, and additional follow-up meetings and conversations to make certain that your voice is heard. 

 Help us ensure that MLA is vital and relevant to every library in the state!Minnesota Library Association 2008:  To Explore. To Evolve.  To Excel.  Together. 

 Wendy Wendt 

President-Elect, Minnesota Library Association
Director, Marshall-Lyon County Library


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