Voluntary Certification credits available

The Soaring to Excellence Program, People Watching with a Purpose on Feb. 8, 2008, has been approved by the Certification Oversight Committee for 2 contact hours and Public Service A6, Explain federal, state, and local filtering requirements.  And Technology 2, Understand federal, state, and local requirements for internet and computer use in the library environment (Policy).

Homework:  1.  What policies does your library have for computer and Internet use?

Homework: 2. .  Describe the steps required to turn off the filter
for an adult patron doing research on your library’s computer.

The 2 contact hours allows a 30 minute discussion after the
Also, the UNT LE@D courses have been approved for MN Certification
program.  These are available free online through MN Web Junction.
The participant is responsible for determining which competencies a
course addresses and submitting the  Transfer of Learning form for
each course they take for Certification.

Rebecca B. Patton
Public Library Consultant
Arrowhead Library System
5528 Emerald Avenue
Mountain Iron, MN 55768
Telephone 218-741-3840
Fax 218-748-2171


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