Best Wishes for 2008

January 1, 2008 — a time to plan, anticipate, and get ready for the new year before us.  2008 will undoubtedly be a year filled with great change — and, I hope, change in all kinds of exciting professional and personal ways. I love the anticipation of new possibilities, new tools, new skills, new settings, new colleagues.  These, along with all that is familiar and which grounds us, will take us to new levels of fulfillment.

As we prepare for the personal learning experience involved with the 23 Things on a Stick Project, we may find that our “community” takes on a new dimension and that it quickly grows in new and unexpected ways. Working on the development of 23 Things has been a great opportunity for me to explore new tools — some good, some useful, some not so relevant — and to experience the surprise of discovery. Some of my assumptions about these tools has been very wide of the mark!

 I hope you’ll join your colleagues in a journey of learning, discovery, and experience as we plunge into 2008 and a world of change and growth!


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