Today’s the Day! Begin 23 Things on a Stick

Today the “23 Things on a Stick – a Library Learning 2.0 Project” is launched.

Here’s the deal:  this is a personal learning experience in which you explore, learn about, and use “23 things” related to Web 2.0. These tools and applications are all free — just waiting for you. If you register by Feb 15, 2008, and complete the 23 Things by April 16, 2008, you will receive an incentive and will be eligible for special prizes.

What to do: go to the “mother” blog for this project, read through the instructions and the FAQ, begin with Thing 1 which is to set up and register your own personal blog. This blog will be the means by which you track your progress, reflect on your experience, and share your thoughts with the community of people engaged in this project. You can share as much as your blog as you like and you are encouraged to read other participants’ blogs and to comment.

This is a personal learning project so you may find you need to do some or all of this on your own time – maybe at home, maybe in off hours at work. It is also possible that some of these items are not accessible from  your work computer due to filters or other constraints. In that case, it may be necessary to do it from home.

Each thing will take approximately an hour or less to do, but you may well find that you want to spend more time exploring the item, trying it out in different situations or for different purposes, or seeing how other people have used these tools. How much time you spend is up to you.

What if you get stuck?  Help is available via the NLLN 23 things blog — hints, reports, comments — or by emailing us at  More information is also available on the NLLN webpage dedicated to 23 Things.

This project is sponsored by the 7 Minnesota multicounty, multitype library systems. NLLN is pleased to make this available to our library community and hope you have a good time learning and using some exciting new tools. It has been a great learning experience setting it up and will continue to be a learning experience as others become part of the Project.


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