23 Things on a Stick – Round 2

June 23, 2008

23 Things on a Stick is well into the Round 2 phase. New participatns (or participants who began in Round 1 and wish to continue) have until Sept 15 to register their blog and work through this interesting, exciting, and rewarding “personal learning experience”. Learn about blogs, RSS feeds, Twitter, Zoho, and many more tools.  View the participants Newsletter (vol 2no1 – June 19) and read the new blogs posted by NLLN participants.   


ELM Portal (www.elm4you.org) changes

June 13, 2008

The ELM Portal — conveniently found at www. elm4you.org — contains all of the resources of the Electronic Library for Minnesota: those rich information sources ranging from research journals to newspapers to e-books and MORE.

For the past 5 months, Minnesota residents have been able to freely access all these resources if they were using a Minnesota internet service provider (ISP). Due to contractractual agreements with EBSCO, the portal has been slightly modified. To access the EBSCO resources it will be necessary to have a public library card. This change will not affect other ELM resources — only EBSCO . All of ELM will still be  accessible in the regular way in your academic, public, and school libraries, as well as on the MnLINK gateway.

Be sure to use your Electronic Library for Minnesota for your information needs!

Maintain IT’s Spotlight is on Bemidji Public Library – KRL

June 13, 2008

The Maintain IT’s Spotlight is on the Kitchigami Regional Library and Bemidji branch manager,  Paul Ericsson.  Read how this region is solving it’s tech support for public computers in their 10 branch libraries by having a “BRAT” in each branch.  (A BRAT is a “BRanch Area Tech). You can read the whole report here and learn their successful way to deal with an age-old problem.

But – this is not the only library which is sharing their ways of supporting public access computing and public access computers in libraries. Learn more about this grassroots community growing under the encouragement of the MaintainIT Project.

The MaintainIT Project is a three-year project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “We gather stories from public libraries on how they support public computers and publish their tips and techniques in Cookbooks and articles, available for FREE on the project web site. The Project works with libraries throughout the U.S. and Canada, sharing stories from the field so librarians can learn from each other.”

Take some time to explore this tremendous resource and get cooking with the cookbooks, webinars, spotlight, and more!

Sirsi Dynix Institute

June 13, 2008

The Sirsi-Dynix Institute is a great place to keep up with the leading edge in thinking, best practices, and new technology.  Today I attended the webcast presentation by Marshall Breeding where he takes a look at where we are headed as Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 evolve into Library 3.0.  It was a stimulating  consideration of how we have embraced the tools and functionality of Web 2.0, and how we can move toward the next stage of Library 3.0 in a continuous, but purposeful way.

 The live webinar is done, but the Event Archive of this and past webinars allows you to view them at your own convenience.  It is worth the visit.

Title: Beyond Web 2.0: Taking the social read-write Web to the enterprise level
Over the last few years, many libraries have eagerly embraced Web 2.0 technologies–blogs, wikis, and social engagement with patrons have become commonplace. This approach to the Web can no longer be considered new and cutting-edge. Change on the Web move along at a fast pace. It’s time to consider what comes next. Breeding will give his view of how libraries can take Web 2.0 technologies to the next level and integrate them into their core automation infrastructure to better support their strategic missions. Today’s Web 2.0 technologies have been implemented mostly through informal processes. As the Web 2.0-inspired technologies mature, they need to become more central to a library’s strategic mission and become integrated into its fundamental infrastructure. Tune in for Marshall Breeding’s view of life beyond Web 2.0.

LJ Webcast on teen services

June 12, 2008


Yesterday I watched this webcast from Library Journal. If you missed it, an archived version of the webcast is available at the link below.  I found it very interesting, particularly the segment on gaming in libraries. It was interesting to know more about the working definitions of “games” and “gaming” and how they differ. Teen Spirit in the Library: Best Practices in YA and Teen Services Webcast

The original event was broadcast on:

Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60-minutes  Archive of this session is found at: