North Star Library Consortium growing

The North Star Library Consortium (NSLC) — a web based library management system for the schools and special libraries of the Northern Lights and Central MN regions — is growing!

In June the entire NSLC database was reconfigured to give local districts more control over their Destiny implementation in their district. The 86 current sites are now grouped into 50 Destiny configurations by District.  Training on this new configuration will take place Aug 14-15.

This week we are upgrading the Destiny software from version 8.0 to version 8.5.  This is an exciting change and will provide some interesting new functionality. I’m excited to check out the Quest searching that is new. I believe this new upgrade will include more tools for collaboration and community building — Web 2.0 tools we’ve begun using with our 23 Things on a Stick project!

Finally, and perhaps the most exciting of all, we will be adding 20 new sites (from 8 school districts) this month and next. These new sites will be from both the NLLN and the Central Minnesota (CMLE) regions. Using an E2T2 grant we are able to extend the opportunity to participate in the North Star Library Consortium. It is pretty exciting and we’re looking forward to an 18 month growth spurt for the Consortium.

More information can be found on the Consortium webpage, the NSLC wiki, and on the Destiny catalog for the sites.


One Response to North Star Library Consortium growing

  1. Mary says:

    Congratulations to NLLN for the great work on the Destiny project and the expansion of the project to other school districts.

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