Update on the Broadband Task Force

The following is a brief update from Peg Werner, Viking Library System Director, on the work of the Ultra-High Speed Broadband Task Force.

Peg has been appointed by Gov. Pawlenty to represent Libraries on this Task Force and from her comments, you can see that she is doing an excellent job. Thanks, Peg, for your eloquence, for representing our users’ needs, and for keeping libraries visible to this important task force.

“FYI – The Ultra-High Speed Broadband Task Force has met only once.  The main difference between this group and other, similar ones that I have served on is that this time it is a mix of government-types and industry insiders.  So we not only have the users represented, but also the providers.  I think that will be very helpful in both our discussions and in any conclusions we may draw.  As a representative of public libraries, I am emphasizing the fact that providing broadband across MN at a relatively cheap rate does not a State of “haves” make.  It is essential for this task force to understand that there are thousands of Minnesotans who: 1) cannot afford even cheap broadband  2) do not have and cannot afford a computer  3) have  never used a computer and don’t know how to get help.  Public libraries are the number one source in the country to counteract all three of these issues. “


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