Mn Digital Library’s Reflections Project

An update from the Mn Digital Library Reflections Project:

Greetings everyone:

We are in the process of updating our “Minnesota Reflections” web site. So I figured it was time to update you all too.

We are now above 31,000 digital images in “Minnesota Reflections.”

  • More than 100 organizations have joined us in digitizing portions of their collections and making them available on our site.

  • In 2007-208, we completed 42 digitization projects from 40 organizations. Of those, 14 organization were first-time contributors. One organization contributed digitized images.

  • Those projects included 3,400 images, almost 5,800 document pages, and 1,570 maps. Quite a successful year.

We are busy already working on Phase 5.

  • Technically, Round 1 of Phase 5 ended last Friday.

    • So far we have 13 applications from 12 organizations. We digitized seven of them and two organizations have completed their metadata and will be online soon.

    • These projects alone will bring in almost 700 photographs, 300 document pages, including two journals, and 120 maps. We will have spent almost 30 percent of our digitization budget once all 13 are done.

  • We are now in Round 2 of Phase 5

    • Organizations may submit applications at any time.
    • I encourage people to submit early. That way, assuming their projects receive positive reviews by the MDL Selection Committee, we will be sure to have funds to spend on them.

There’s a lot to talk about and share with people so I hope you are all sending people to “Minnesota Reflections” to see what’s new.

I’m always here if you have comments or suggestions.



Marian Rengel
Outreach Coordinator
Minnesota Digital Library Coalition
Learning Resources & Technology Services
Miller Center B41-6
St. Cloud State University
720 Fourth Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498
Office (320) 308-5625
Fax (320) 308-4778 (shared)


One Response to Mn Digital Library’s Reflections Project

  1. Maryann Manney says:

    Your Minnesota Reflections is a wonderful site. I was amazed to discover a photo and history of an early St. Josephs School in Moorhead, MN from 1887. What a find! considering that this is Catholic Schools Week. I only wish I had found it at the beginning of the week to put on display. I have been a weekly volunteer in the St. Joe’s library for about 8 years.

    I also found a picture of the St. James Orphanage in Duluth MN. I was a resident there when I was 6 years 1946-1947 and I have neither seen it since (it has now been torn down) nor did I ever have a picture of the building.

    I am so grateful to you and everyone who has been working on this project. It is an invaluable gift to all of us.


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