Internet Librarian 2008 — Monterey, CA

I want to express my appreciation to the NLLN Governing Board for the opportunity to attend the recent Internet Librarian Conference in Monterey, CA, Oct 20-22, 2008.

It was the best conference I have ever attended and it will take me a long time to share all the many things I learned, heard, and experienced during the Conference. A few pictures have been posted on the NLLN Flickr site, but if you do a Flickr search using the term “il2008”, you’ll find nearly 3,000 pictures from the conference that have been posted — and more keep turning up! For a more limited set, you can see a few pictures I took that are posted on the NLLN photogallery.

Much the same if you do a Twitter search using the term “il2008” — thousands of Tweets made before, during, and after the Conference. If you simply begin reading through the most recent, you’ll discover links to the slideshare entries, videos of whole sessions, blog posts, personal comments. It is quite fascinating in its own way. During the Conference, Twitter was alive with posts commenting on everything from the sessions, the wi-fi situation, and presenters to meet ups for dinner, where Stephen Abrams was doing Karaoke, and requests for rides to the airport. It was — and continues — to be a community rich in information related to the conference and those attending it — even those who were not attending but following via ‘twitter, blogs, and conference wiki.

There is an enormous amount of informaton available about the Conference — at official Conference sites and wikis and blogs, but also in many other sites such as slideshare,, YouTube,blogs, flickr, twitter. If you do a Google search on the “internet librarian Conference 2008”, you’ll find a myriad of official and unofficial sources of info about the Conference, its presenters, their presentations, and reactions from attendants.

In the days and weeks ahead I plan to post more about individual sessions and events at the Conference that I found most interesting or useful. And next year, I hope I won’t be the only person from the NLLN region who attends this amazing Conference.

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